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Do I have to be a registered student to participate in the study programs?

No, wildlife enthusiasts are welcome to join the field trips. You will only be eligible for academic credits if you are a registered student, however.

Are there any vaccinations I should get or health precautions I should be aware of?

Adults don’t need any inoculations unless you’re travelling from a yellow-fever endemic area (the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America), in which case you will need certification to prove your inoculation status when you arrive in South Africa.

Our expeditions do travel through malaria areas, for which the first line of advice is always to avoid getting bitten. For further health advice please follow the link below.    

What is the size of the expedition groups?          

Our groups normally number between 4 and 12 persons. Small groups allow for a more hands-on experience so you can get the most out of your expedition program.

Do I need a visa to travel to

South Africa?

Depending on your country of origin, you may require a visa to enter South Africa. Please make sure you fulfil all visa requirements.

Click here to find a list of countries which are exempt from acquiring a Visa to visit South Africa and other immigration information

Department of Home Affairs, Immigration Services

What kind of climate and weather conditions can I expect

in South Africa?

Temperatures start to rise in September and lower in April. Rainfall varies in the different regions. Our expeditions travel mainly through the northern and north-eastern parts of the country, namely the Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North-West Provinces. You will find more detailed information on the weather of Gauteng Province (GP)Mpumalanga Province (MP)Limpopo Province (LP)North-West Province (NW) . For up-to-date forecasts visit the South Africa Weather Service site. Use the abbreviations listed above to enquire about a specific province.

Are there any luggage restrictions on the expeditions 

      and what should I pack?          

Please ensure that your luggage adheres more or less to following dimensions - 16" (40cm) wide x 24" (60cm) high x 31" (75cm) deep.


Once your registration has been confirmed, you will receive a kit list and detailed information of what to bring along on your expedition.